The Gold Lotus


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SpecificationsSKU: 90908Binding: Hard Bound ISBN: 978-1-951541-59-0 Pages: 430pp Publication Date: Spring 2021 Size: 5.5″ x 8″ Portrait World Rights: Available

This is an epic tale; a fantasy replete with grand romances and countless avenues leading to divine love. Venture through diverse time perspectives and complex mythologies of the Gods in this multi-dimensional drama, inspired by ancient Asian principles. The Gold Lotus is a dance in written form; a saga with a rhythmic delivery that will transport you through intricate plots, legendary wars, unsettling separations, and passionate love, unbound.

Manifested in a time of darkness and war, the celestial being Kānu prepares for a journey brought on by Muniji, the minstrel saint, to face a destiny that stands between destruction and salvation. Weaving through the ways of love and power, the almighty Kānu will learn to become the saviour of his heavenly kingdom while discovering the deepest desires of the heart and defeating evil – both within and without.

As the heavenly kingdom yearns for its saviour, a formidable and broken God of War comes to battle with an unpredictable foe that has bested the mightiest of warriors before him: finding the lost love capable of fulfilling the void in his heart. What (or who) he finds as the answer proves to be a riddle never before encountered by the revered warrior. Alongside Kānu and a kingdom of mystical beings that oversee the forces of existence, the celestial war for balance is far from won and the stakes grow higher with every heartbeat.

A.D. Dauphinais started her “out if this world” life journey during a long solo pilgrimage in India at the age of eighteen. For the past twenty-five years, she has been immersed in ancient knowledge, fascinated by Buddhist, Vedic and Sanskrit literatures. The Gold Lotus is her first fantasy book, part of a multi-world drama series.

She is the founder of two non-profits, ancient temple dance teacher, director of Devi Communications Music, founder of TerraVoyage LLC and the managing director of Big Island Farms. She spends most of her free time planting trees and saving ancient seeds at her organic permaculture bases farms.

“The uprising of Yaksha, a monstrous demon, threatens the peace of the Imperial Heavenly Realm. The Emperor, guided by the wise sage, performs a sacred ritual to thwart his attack. The mighty God of War, after a vicious battle against Yaksha, ends up severely wounded. The Goddess of Compassion, serving her mortal trial in an unknown location, nurses him. Together, they raise a son named Kanu, the manifestation of the supreme Creator himself. Kanu’s eternal companion, Lada, also manifests as a golden lotus. After taking his place in the Imperial Realm, Kanu, along with his friends, strives to protect the world by destroying the evil forces lurking everywhere. The Gold Lotus by A.D. Dauphinais is the mythical story of Kanu’s various endeavors.

The Gold Lotus: Thousands of Cupid’s Arrows on the Battlefield of Love is a unique amalgamation of Hindu and Chinese mythology. A.D. Dauphinais took characters and elements from both cultures and merged them into a seamless storyline. Her inclusion of the key features and attributes of all the legendary characters gives them a unique persona. The narrative explores the everlasting battle between good and evil and highlights the former’s triumph over the latter. A tale full of politics, revenge, cunning ploys, and betrayals, this mythical story excels as a thrilling venture into the workings of heaven. Yet, the central theme of the book is pure, unadulterated love. Be it romantic, or filial, or brotherly, love surpasses the power of evil and brings together different realms into a united front. I would definitely recommend The Gold Lotus to any reader who appreciates mythology.” – Shrabastee Chakraborty, Readers’ Favorite

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Hard Bound





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Spring 2021


5.5" x 8" Portrait

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