Little Blue Planet


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The delights of friendship and the mysteries of our universe come together in this tender tale of a little blue planet’s heartwarming journey to find happiness.

SpecificationsSKU: 90320Size: 12 x 12″ Pages: 24 Binding: Trade Cloth Publication Date: 09/01/2013 ISBN: 978-1-939621-07-8 Rights World: Available
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Little Blue Planet is a lighthearted tale about hope and friendship, inspired by and published in honor of Jon Riggs. The story highlights the importance of keeping dreams close to the heart while engaging children and adults alike with dazzling illustrations and delightful rhymes. A lonely little blue planet’s wish for a friend is heard by the loving sun, and so begins the eternal friendship between the Earth and Moon. Readers young and old are enchanted by this cheery spin on how the Sun, Moon, and Earth accompany each other in outer space, bonded through the magic of dreams.


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