Bound To Freedom


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Many think slavery ended with the demise of the trans-Atlantic trade, but sadly, that’s far from true. An estimated thirty-six million live without dignity or rights and although slavery is illegal in every country, it continues to persist in all—as a crime against humanity. Lisa Kristine’s indelible images seek to unify humanity and inform the viewer of the tangible humanness of individuals enslaved today.

SpecificationsSKU: 90490Size: 10″ x 13″, Landscape Pages: 160 Binding: Hardbound Publication Date: Fall 2016 ISBN: 978-1-935935-08-7 Rights World: Available

Slavery didn’t end with the cessation of trans-Atlantic trade to Americas in the 19th century. Modern day slavery is illegal everywhere yet exists almost everywhere, often in plain view. According to the Global Slavery Index, nearly forty-six million people are enslaved today.
Lisa Kristine’s new photographic essay Bound to Freedom presents this crime against humanity as it exists today – as child labor, sex trafficking, in gold mining, in stone quarrying, and the manufacturing of textiles. In compelling images, Lisa Kristine brings us face to face with these people, toiling in inhuman circumstances, and shows us the celebration of freedom of those liberated.
Bound to Freedom is a call to action. In order to create change in a world that allows such crimes to exist, we first need to see and understand how it exists. The book concludes with resources and steps we can take to help free the enslaved. It is a statement of hope and commitment to help free the world of this injustice.


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Fall 2016



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